You may be wondering why I started a business that gives most of it's profits away, and why I chose One Life International over all the possible great non-profits out there.  Well, let me explain...



Why India/One Life International?

The short answer is...I went there.  I looked in peoples' eyes. I touched their hands.  We hugged each other.  We became friends, at least as much as you can in two weeks.  

A better answer is that I believe in the work One Life International is doing in the slums and villages of India.  

Piyas and Jaiashree who head up the Projects and Operations on the ground are two of the most amazing people I have ever met. They left a large non-profit that you would know the name of, because things weren't getting done. By the time their requests went up the chain of command and they were able to get the funds or supplies they needed to help, the child was gone or  dead.  They like to get stuff done, and they do.  

There is no doubt about where the funds are going when we give to One Life International. Not only have I seen the work in India, I have hung out with the team stateside, meeting with them after their 9 to 5 job which is when they also 'get stuff done' because they want to, not because they are getting paid.  I have seen the amazing work One Life is doing and the lack of office space they have to pay for.  The money goes where it is needed.  

I Believe in their Approach...

One Life empowers people. It starts with food and health, and then moves on to education, and from there we get into job training.  All this time they are filling hearts with the power and grace of Jesus.  

it makes sense.

There are children in the slums that don't go to school. It's not that they don't want to go, it's just that there was never a school for them to go to.  Their parents are gone for up to 12 hours a day trying to make enough money just to feed their family.  These kids are left to fend for themselves which means they are prone to abuse because they are left alone all day long, and if they aren't being abused they turn to crime to try and make enough money to buy food for the day.  

The schools that One Life has started keep these children safe and educates them, giving them a future and a way out of the slums.  They receive a meal and also learn about Jesus at school.  How awesome is that?!?  

One Life offers job training in the form of Beautician Courses, Tailoring, Driving School, and Household Goods Production.  This means that parents can earn money and work from home.  In case you missed it....that means that the children are no longer left by themselves all day and have a safe environment to return to after school.  

One Life isn't just putting a bandaid on the problem, they are treating the root of the problem and empowering people to create a new future for themselves, their children, and their country.  Powerful stuff.