How To Use A Window for Stunning Portraits at Home

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Every house is different, but I can pretty much guarantee that you have a great location in your house to take fantastic photos of you kids, dog, goldfish, or whatever. You are going to take a look inside my own house, see my 3 favorite window locations, and check out the results.

Before I let you in, there are a few things to tell you about finding the best place in your home.

#1 The bigger the light source (aka the window) the softer the light

The biggest window in your home is generally going to be the be the best choice.

#2 Choose or Create a place where your kids will hangout

The 3 places you will see are all places my kids spend a lot of time playing, creating, or reading. This way I don’t have to try to convince them to move somewhere for a photo. They are already in great light and doing something they love.

#3 Turn off the lights

This might seem weird but you want your window to be your only light source. Long story short...having multiple light sources can really mess up the colors in your photo.

Ready to come inside? Let’s do this thing!

Window #1


This is the largest window in my house. We have a big awning over our front porch which helps diffuse the light coming in through the window. If your only great window gets lots of direct sunlight you should consider using a sheer white curtain to diffuse/soften the light.


Window #2


This is our kitchen table also know as Creativity Central to the artists in our family. This window gets a good amount of direct sunlight in the early afternoon which makes for some cool lens flare and contrasty portraits. I’m only 50% sure that ‘contrasty’ is a word but this is my website so whatever.


Window #3


Snuggle town is located at the bay window in our living room. I love how the design of the bay window wraps light around more evenly because of the different angles. Also, this room has lots of white walls and furniture. When light hits a white surface it bounces back. When light hits a dark surface it dies faster than a teen embarrassed by her goofy dad.

Enlight1 2.JPG

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