Using a Window for Portraits = Great Idea.

A large window with a sheer white curtain may be my favorite light source. 


When you are looking for a light source you should always keep in mind…

The bigger the light source…the softer the light.  

Having a huge window with a curtain to help diffuse the light is the perfect light source for photographing people.  It is a soft beautiful light that is extremely flattering for your subject and you can change the angle you shoot from to increase or decrease shadows on your subjects face.

In the majority of these photos I had the light source slightly off center from the bride just go give it a touch of shadows/contrast.  I have a great video talking about how to use a window light in the foundations series if you want to learn more.

Here are a few more photos so you can see how to use the same light source to get a variety of photos.

When you find a great light source you should get as much variety as possible out of that single source by moving the subject and moving around the subject.  

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