Letting go of Control - Wedding Day

When you photograph weddings you rarely get to choose the day, time, weather, or lighting you are working with on the day of the shoot.  Anna planned her day on a beautiful but extremely windy day in Austin, Texas.  

We kept trying to get an image with the veil in the perfect place, but eventually I had to acknowledge that I could keep fighting the wind and her veil, or I could capture an image that represents the reality of the day in this moment.

 I asked her to gently hold her veil back so I could get a photo.  She created a very small canopy with her veil that allowed me to stick my lens under her veil and capture this image. 

 I love this shot because it is a beautiful bride in great light, but more importantly because it was and is a real moment that happened on her wedding day.  It was a windy wedding day with a wild veil and we captured that story in this one image.

 I was shooting in the shade of the plantation house where the reception was going to be held later that evening.  I am including a lighting diagram below but you can learn more about shooting in the shade from my lighting foundations videos.


I captured this with my Nikon d3s and 35mm f/1.4 lens. My camera settings were 1/1600 sec., f/1.8, and ISO 200. If you have any questions post them on the Camera Camp facebook page.

When you are tired of fighting to capture the perfect image that would be great for your portfolio and everyone else would love…just capture the reality of what is happening in front of you…you may be surprised by the image you create.